Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun with Varnish

Just a fun thing I do sometimes with varnish... Give it a try... 

Supplies used: Cheap varnish, a piece of paper with watercolor paint, and a heatgun.

Just drip a bit of the varnish on the paper, how much you want, in the shape you want

While heating it >> stage 1
While heating it >> stage 2

 After the first heating. I like to let it cool, and give it another heat blast, that way
you can change the shapes a bit if you want to
After the second heating. I like it this way (ready to cut out)...
But only a tiny bit of varnish is used here,
when you use some more, or a pattern of drips, you get a complete different result!
This is the way it looks from the side...
The paper is warped, but if you heat from the back
it will straighten a bit, and ofcourse you can just tape it flat.