Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crappy endresult


Long time no post... i'll update you about that later.
Now I wanted to post an artsy disaster.

My plan was to alter the 8 drawers of a plain wooden cabinet in an artsy way, just having fun, etc. And it started out pretty good. But today I wanted to paint a drawer with Distress Crackle paints... Base was gessoed, dried, I did my thing, painted the drawer, sprinkled some glitter in the wet paint, and let it dry.

After a while I came back to check the drawer, turned it over... and this was the result

I was flabbergasted!! I just had to blow some air to let the dried paint fly around!
So tomorrow i'll try something else... cuz this won't stay.

And if I run out of my Rangers crackle paints, I won't get new ones ever again, but just get new acrylic paints and use the regular crackle medium from Folkart, Americana, Paperartsy or Alleene's.

Have a great weekend.

After a night drying time, and just some shaking it looked like this