Thursday, January 19, 2012

Poor Lotte

Lotte got back home yesterday, and our VET told us she needed to wear a cone for 10 days. So we got a little cat cone, and she wore it, bumping her cone to everything in de house, etc. but no real harm done. Philip (our 8 year old syberian) was hissing to her, because of that stupid cone, but still, it was ok.

This morning, still nothing weird, untill she started to wrestle with the cone, and from one moment to another, she jumps up, screaming, nails out... Her cone shifted a little because of the pressure from her "wrestling match"with it, and she got the cone stuck in her mouth... it was bleeding already. So I yelled to my husband to get some scissors, and I hold her, cut the bandaid that holds her cone, and "released" her. I held her as a baby for quite some time (usually she doesn't like that so much). And I asked my husband to call the VET, what to do now, but 1 thing was for sure, that cone was not coming on again!

15 minutes later, my husband went to a VET in the neighbourhood, to get us a "kitty bodysuit". It's way more comfy, and she has a lot of freedom in it.

This is how she looks in it.
(sorry for the bad quality of the pics, these are made with my cellphone)

Getting a Treat
Rolling on her Back


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  1. Bless her - she does look rather cute in her kitty vest.



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