Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New 'baby' in the House

So Sorry for the silence, but a lot is going on here.
Next to a lot of medical stuff, there is some fun stuff too...
Her name is Lotte. She is a 8 week old kitten, and she will be joining our family starting thursday.
So Philip (our 8 year old cat) will have a little baby girl to care for and teach, and have fun with, cuddle with etc.

I will "bore" you with lots of pictures of our little one soon...


  1. Ooooh gorgeous kitty. We also have a new kitten in our family - an 18 week old Maine Coon.

    I have a separate page on my Blog with "Lazy Cat" Pictures if you'd like to stop by.


  2. hiya sweetie
    what a super cute face
    and so fuzzy and sweet
    enjoy sweetie, befor you know there grown up
    i know i have 3 cats of my own, age 8/9/10 and we have them sin's 8 weeks, time fly's hunni
    hugs angelique

  3. oh how adorable!!!!!! :D have fun with ur new pet :D


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