Thursday, September 22, 2011

Philip meets baby Lotte

Philip meets Lotte for the first time... Our big guy doesn't know what to do, and he started hissing... (he never ever did that before)

He went to the livingroom, and that's it.

Lotte is so tiny, but smells pretty bad (the smell from the shelter she's from).
I take her out of her "bench" and clipped her nails (just as Philips nails are). 
She has a kitten litterbox, but the firs thing she did after taking a run, is going into Phil's (clean) litterbox... she sniffed and sniffed, and crawled out. Just too funny!  After that we made a little mistake... we have lots of cabinets in our kitchen... and she crawled underneath and behind one...OOPS

Next thing was taking her to a seperate room in her safe place (the travel bench), with water, food and her litterbox, so she can sleep and get used to the new situation without her brothers, sister and mom.

Only thing I hope, is that Phil will play daddy soon, and stops hissing asap...

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